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About Vyro Versa


VYRO Versa - the shisha with 1,000 design options

The V YRO Versa is a beautiful stick shisha made of stainless steel in silver or with a PVD coating in black, gold or rosé. It is easy to set up and clean and offers extremely good draft. Due to the many customization options for the VYRO Versa with sleeves, accessories and plug-in bowls, you can design it according to your wishes.


What makes the VYRO Versa so special?

The VYRO Versa is a simple stick shisha with an unbeatable price, but makes absolutely no compromises in terms of quality. All parts are made of V2A stainless steel. With the VYRO MOD system you can turn your simple VYRO Versa from a simple stick shisha into your own desired shisha according to your design. You can use different sleeves made of various materials or unusual designs or, for example, use the Horizon blow-off plate to change the blow-off and the look of your VYRO Versa . You have almost 1,000 different possible combinations to make your shisha from the VYRO Versa according to your individual ideas. And one of the best features of the VYRO Versais the draft. The inner tubes of the VYRO Versa are coordinated in such a way that the draft is very even and has no interruptions.


What material is the VYRO Versa made of?

The VYRO Versa consists of 100% V2A stainless steel. The VYRO Versa is available as a normal stainless steel version or in stainless steel with a high-quality PVD coating in black, gold or rosé. The special thing about a PVD coating is that it is scratch-resistant. Theoretically, you can also place the shisha coal on the coal plate and the coating will not come off.

The VYRO Versa is the ideal hookah for everyone who values ​​quality and design. It is a real highlight in every collection and will inspire you.

How to assemble the Vyro Versa

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Users may customize their hookah by having different sleeves, glass base ... etc