Oblako, a chain of hookah stores from Volgograd, has gained immense popularity in Russia and Europe for its exceptional hookah bowls. Released in 2016, Oblako's production cups are highly regarded in the premium hookah segment due to their distinct appearance, smoking characteristics, and prices.

Presently, there are three types of hookah bowls available under the Oblako brand, each offering unique features and benefits. The Flint line comprises Phunnel and Killer-shaped bowls, available in different sizes and colors.

Oblako Basic Bowl


The Oblako Basic cups are made using a special technique that involves burning clay and milk, creating an organic coating on the cup's surface that prevents the syrup from seeping in. The line offers four types of cups, including Phunnel cups in various sizes that can hold 12-15, 18-23, 25-30 grams of tobacco, and Killer cups that can hold 23-28 grams.


Oblako Glaze Top

The Oblako Glaze Top line features clay cups coated with glaze, which provides a visually appealing look and protects the cup from syrup absorption. Although this is a popular choice, these cups tend to break easily and lose their aesthetics over time. The line includes four types of cups with varying sizes and tobacco capacities.


Oblako Mono

In 2020, Oblako introduced a new line of hookah bowls, the Oblako Mono cups, made entirely of ceramic. Unlike clay cups, these cups heat evenly, do not expand or break, and do not leak syrup. They come in several bright colors, and the color remains intact for a long time, without fading or damage. The line features four types of cups, including Phunnel cups that hold 10-12, 18-23, 25-30 grams of tobacco and Killer cups that can hold 23-28 grams.

In conclusion, Oblako offers an impressive range of hookah bowls, each with unique features and benefits, catering to the preferences of different hookah enthusiasts.


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Diyar Al Ali




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