About Us

Shishabox is a community and a blend of shisha lovers and technology enthusiasts. Shishabox (BOXAT company) is located in Amman. We provide our services all over Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates!

Our Mission

Bring quality and affordable shisha experience to people everywhere.

We believe everyone deserves to try a good quality shisha. And most importantly, our location is your location. Whether you’re next door to a fancy smoke store or somewhere in between, every Shishabox you order we will supply you with the best shisha stores around the kingdom

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If you are interested to join our supply network, please drop us a line with your contact details at support@shishabox.club and we will contact you

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We will always be happy to give us a feedback about our service, this will help us to improve and meet our customers expectations.

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What is keeping us busy at the moment

We are preparing our mobile application on both Apple and Google stores!

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